2017 Articlist

Here are some ideas for my next few articles, let me know which ones you're excited to read!

  1. Commodization Trend of High Tech in Everyday Consumer Lifestyle
  2. The Evolution of Chat Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Viber, and WhatsApp
  3. How To Create the Perfect Flatlay: A Designer Deconstructs
  4. Graphic Design Basics: A Walk in the Online Marketplace of Design Software
  5. Dissecting the Anatomy of a TED
  6. The Ingredients of Chocolate Branding
  7. Coffee at the Kitsch Cafe
  8. Behind the Asian French Patisserie
  9. The Art of Alcohol
  10. Co-working Space Trends
  11. Simple Office Hacks
  12. Time Value of Big Data
  13. Virtual Coaching on Fitness Apps