In medias res

In Medias Res is Latin for "in the midst of things," that collective state where I personally find most progress passively working in the background. In the physical sense, you will find this in the notebooks to log weekly progress for this website.

I'm a bit of a utilitarian when it comes to organizing my thoughts and forming them into cohesive ideas. I discovered the MUJI notebook when I was still a design student when the store first popped open here in the Philippines. I wouldn't rely on my freehand drawing skills which is why the dotted grids help a lot, the dots are also very light and gray so they don't draw much attention away from my handwriting and rough sketches. The thing about these MUJI notebooks is that I never back track to my notes and always skip the back page of each leaf (unless I'm running out of space!). In a span of four years, I may have used almost 10 MUJI notebooks of the same kind, each one featuring various projects from logo sketches to program ideas for work, to presentations layouts, mind maps for speeches, and some clips and quotes taken from my favorite magazines. 

Over the years, I've been using my trusty MUJI dotted grid notebooks. I can go on and on about how I think they are the best kind until my most recent (and favorite) acquisitiona gift from a  very special person after The Most Disappointing Day of 2016:  a blank white Moleskine journal with a subtle deboss on the cover. ∞