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Philippine ICT Digital Convention 2016

Philippine ICT Digital Convention 2016

Although I do want to fit in the corporate world, I didn’t want to lose that bit of creativity inside me. Design has been, and always will be my first love. Over the years you discover so many sides to it that you could only discover if you keep looking. This site was put up in an attempt to trace all the thoughts, news, and ideas that will influence my future work. In reference, Charles Eames said “Everything eventually connects.” But you will only find out once you find yourself full circle.

And all the while when I don’t think I’m doing exciting work, this is the pre-work into building something great. Trust in the process, some of you might be surprised to know what goes beneath the thought process behind designerly things. That’s one of the reasons why I want to put up this site, work in progress (WIPs) are just wonderful sneak peeks into something waiting to be revealed.

I want to write about space. Space is vast and obscure. In our lifetime you could never completely explore every inch of it, but just the thought of finding myself in it is extremely fascinating to me at least.  The intersection between the field of Design, Technology, and Business is where I am most interested in, and where I find myself doing a lot of work in. I only know a handful of influences who have discovered this—John Maeda and the successful CEOs of startups in different industries. You know how astronauts go on a mission to discover a new strange land to finally complete the mystery of what its really like out there? I feel that—and I also want to find out if there is anybody out there who is also interested in the same esoteric fancies as I am. 

Inter-Spatial Points of Interest.There are two kinds of space: your physical space and your thought space. If you know me personally, I’m very particular to both! Physical space refers to the area you could cover through exertion, moving around doing things here and there. Although I can imagine thought space to be static (just in your mind), it can be pretty dynamic. Thoughts and ideas racing here and there, bouncing and losing its momentum. Stored or forgotten. How we store those ideas is crucial for that AHA! Eureka moment.

I’m currently taking up my MBA, and the first thing I should know is that the business of Business is to make money. Technology enables business to make faster money by efficient communication tools and software. The best technology was designed by someone who truly understood how these three fields work.

The guys behind Amazon have this saying: “Begin with the end in mind.” The end goal for me isn’t clear yet. I just know I’ve been itching to build something great, something brilliant and then make another one…and another one.

Running through today’s technology you would encounter some philosophies that are pretty relevant in real life. My favourite one so far is the concept of “forever beta”. Beta mode means something is never finished because we always keep updating and improving our work.

I’ve given it much thought and finally found that space within the space where I can start. I’ve oversimplified it to something like this:

Design me.
Develop my brand.

Develop brands.
Design them.
Let brands design themselves.

Develop more brands.
Design them. 
Let brands design themselves.

See them grow.

As you can see, this plan is not that complicated. I think I should get on with it soon. I’ll update you!

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