Grow Your Business Online

GrowYour Business Online was a live workshop for aspiring Filipina entrepreneurs held last March 29, 2017 in celebration of International Women's Month at the government city hall in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

It was a fantastic two-way learning experience for me as a marketeer, to meet some chikas, titas and even lolas(!) of Manila who (like me) are curious to explore what's happening online to help their business. I was delighted to meet the faces beyond the micro-SME demographic, and to hear the real-life challenges underneath the textbook case studies. I asked why don't we share same benefits we get from technology? Despite the Great Digital Divide of techies and non-techies, eCommerce brings so many opportunities for small businesses. Today Filipinos can easily create new identities and opportunities online with a just a few clicks and the right searches. Even if the economic gap is still prevalent in marginalizing economic classes, I hope to see one day that the Internet can be a platform where ideas are the currency and we are all set at equal footing.

If at the end of the day we can go to customers and earn their trust and respect, not just their money—then its good business.