The Design Report 2017

Fresh. If the Pantone forecast was correct, the year promised a fresh new start. Greenery 15-0343 was indeed symbolic of new beginnings, of matcha-colored tastes and discoveries.



Greenery as in the rediscovering of my affinity for potted plants, pictured here is the sansevieria cylindrica plant I bought on a whim at Legaspi Sunday Market, my go-to weekend spot to buy food and whatnots. The simple pot reminds me of the calm, pinkish gradient reminiscent of the previous year’s hues. It’s low key and low maintenance, some characteristics I would use to describe ideal myself.


I’ve always pictured my own design studio to have a full wall of window reaching the floor, natural light pouring in along with the overly saturated view of the city’s sunset. I’m lucky to come home to this fixture every day in the city, when the ordinary work day kicks in and out. Speaking of—Windows seems to be a theme for the better half of the year. As a designer, software and hardware tools cannot be left to makeshift materials. I’ve temporarily let go of my five-year-old Macbook Pro (my trusty design tool since 2012) for a Surface Pro 4 which I got from my Microsoft internship in Singapore. The touchscreen tablet is strong and mobile enough for me to carry around. Just be warned, it can be fragile.


After my 26th birthday, I wandered back to Singapore in October. This time to look into the closest design haven in the city has to offer.

The Red Dot Design Museum sits unassumingly on the corner of Marina Bay. I thought to myself, this is where ideas are parked before they are brought into the market. True enough, the second floor was a bizarre and ultra-minimalist display of award-winning designs across the world. I won’t be surprised to see it hyped into the market in five years’ time. Unlike the usual flashy museum displays, the projects were encapsulated in white glass boards that remind me of thesis proposals in my Information Design classes. Being a design nerd, I felt like walking in a biotech laboratory that incubated the next few breakthrough technologies of the world!

Downstairs was a bouncy little museum café, the type of place where designers would talk about their work to investors and invested young students. With an overpriced coffee and a beautiful ambiance to make it worth it, I sat for a bit and just let the moment pass. This is the kind of space I imagine myself to be in where I can be inspired to design new things, think of new ideas.