Office Hacks: LinkedIn HQ


What’s a better way to understand how LinkedIn works than to visit their office?

My fellow Microsoft Intern friend, Serena and I were granted a tour by Ethan Adrianos, a LinkedIn analyst we met during our Singapore Intern Learning Week last July.

As a designer, I believe that a company’s office space reflects the culture of the people working in it. LinkedIn HQ is a high-tech space with that values open communication, a great allusion to their mission which is to connect people professionally.

Clean white marble tiles with Asian touches, hints of red in office rooms and delicate furnishings. You can see the weightless blue colors in the iconic “in” logo. Exploring the office you will find a gym, a studio, the game room and lounge, a food-for-all cafeteria and event space, as well as the not-so-basic workspaces. 

Let me run through the spaces and how I think it reflects how the company sees their employees and customers.

LinkedIn Wellness. It's a gym with a personal trainer, shower and locker room space so employees can conveniently sign up for a HIIT class while on break or after work. It's a great way to destress without leaving the floor.

Mothers Room. Without sacrifing family time or attention, the office covers some room for mothers to take care of their kids.

Game Room + Lounge. My personal favorite room decoupaged with inspiring people like the life-changing Ghandi to kick-ass Bruce Lee. A pingpong table is already set up for a round of friendly games.

Cafeteria. The last stop was of course, the café-teria with free lunch, catering to each person's unique preferences: pasta, salad or meat-free meals for the health-conscious.

I have to confess: ever since I finished my college, I have been a notorious online net-worker, seeking for the best opportunities out there. So far, LinkedIn is really the way to explore new companies and people who can potentially influence the way I shape my career.

Visiting the LinkedIn office was a chance to see how designing physical office space can influence how people will enjoy their work, or how excited they will be coming to work every Monday morning. 

Let's connect on LinkedIn!