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It was Mikee’s last day at the company and we met up after work to talk about her new business venture after a few first years into corporate life. It was in a café along Gamboa street, about two blocks away from our old office. Armed with a Powerpoint and some product samples, we brainstormed with some names and designs to what would be known as stiles—stylish tiles.

I can still remember that the inspiration came from this Hello Kitty-fied Piet Mondrian painting facing our square table. The three basic colors red, blue, and yellow in a repetitive patchwork to represent how colors and shapes can be put together to create a complex masterpiece. A simple but effective process that seems to achieve which each successful client project, delivering as promised a do-it-your-own solution to wall tiling.

Now almost three years since its first Instagram post, the Stiles logo with Powerpoint origins has since then developed a healthy presence online, with features on the country’s best interior design magazine and numerous clientele around Cebu and Metro Manila.

Looking back, Stiles is a reminder great ideas, fuelled by coffee and driven by a young entrepreneur’s desire of  dream of designing homes an idea that not only requires careful execution but also sticking to it.

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